4 days in March, 2011

The Cochamó valley is sometimes called "the Yostemite of South America". Just like Yosemite this is a climber's paradise with vertical granite wallks that have been polished by glaciers. But unlike Yosemite, Cochamó is far away from crowds and large-scale tourism.

Day 1


We arrived on a day of intense rain, and were so happy that a local farmer offered us to sleep on the floor in this shed, which felt like a palace to us. A fireplace and homebaked bread that we bought from the farmer was so lucurious :)


Our home for the night.


Now we walked into the valley


The path was so muddy, since a lot of horses use it.






The campsite at La Junta


The nice shelter that campers can use


Fireplace in the shelter


Day 2: Arco Iris


The campsite in the morning.
Looks like we will have a sunny day
for the first time in a long time :)


Deep glacial valleys


The path was tricky in places


The view of the amazing valley
from the Arco Iris viewpoint


More impressive walls


The view to the north into Perez Rosales national park


We met a nice German couple
from Muncich here, Roland & Steffi


The lower part of Cochamó valley, which we walked the first day, and the Cochamó fjord in the distance.


Alerce trees


Day 3: Trinidad


Getting across the river was fun


The forest here was just amazing, with plenty of gigantic Alerce trees. Up by the Trinidad rocks there was a whole forest of Alerce...


The Trinidad rock was impossible to photograph...
It was very impressive in reality :)


A lake with polished rocks


In the evening we went to the
Cochamo Refuge for some
beer and pizza


Day 4: Return to Cochamó village


Another rainy day, but nice views in the morning.