Hielo Azul

3 days in March, 2011

A nice trek with unusually charming huts - they are rustic and simple wooden houses, but they all serve home-made (in the hut!) beer and bread.

Day 1: El Bolson - Hielo Azul


The little construction on the other side is a bar with a terrase above it. If you dare to cross the bridge...


A viewpoint, but only with partial
visibility due to clouds...


Home-made beer and home-baked bread,
all made in the hut! So nice!


The Hielo Azul hut


A simple shelter next to the hut,
where we cooked dinned and slept.


Day 2: Day-trip to a viewpoint,
and a short walk to the next hut


The Hielo Azul lake




The Hielo Azul glacier


The view from the top was incredible,
with 360 degrees panorama of the Andees


A cold swim


Refreshing :)


This food had become our standard dinner since Torres del Paine:
Thin pasta (2 minutes boiling time) and soya-bolognese




This hut was really nice, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
They also served their home-made beer, of course :)
We camped near the hut with a view of a lake,
and cooked our dinner in front of a fire.

Day 3: Descent and taxi back to El Bolson

At the end of the trail was this little place,
which sold - of course - home-made beer
and home-baked bread :)