Laguna Torre

2 days in Februari, 2011

A short and easy walk to the lake Laguna Torre, to view the world-famous peaks of Cerro Torre. The peaks were just amazing, we could look at them for hours and still find something new and intriguing with them... :)

Day 1: El Chalten - Laguna Torre

A short (a couple of hours) and easy trek to the lake Laguna Torre.


View of a canyon


Aaaaah, first view of the amazing Cerro Torre peaks


The impressive glacier next to the peaks


Day 2: Laguna Torre - El Chalten

We woke up early for the sunrise,
and spent hours just watching the
amazing peaks...




Interesting could...


Cooking breakfast with a view!


Close-up of the Cerro Torre peaks.
The highest vertical part is about 1500 meters high!


Walking back with occasional views back to the
Cerro Torre peaks. We couldn't get enough of them...


Marshland with Cerro Torre in the background


Patagonian woodpecker


The nice landscape around El Chalten village


Excellent food at the Cervezeria in El Chalten


The beer they make in the Cervezeria was excellent...


...and so was the coffee


Our home in El Chalten :)