2 days in March, 2011

The eastern half of the Villarica Traverse. First day weather was nice and it was extremely scenic. Second day was rainy and misty, so we probably missed some nice views there...

Day 1


Walking up through nice forest


The smoking Villarica volcanoe!
And our first "monkey puzzle" trees in the wild


Monkey puzzle tree up close


Above the forest


Lunch with a view of Volcan Lanin


More nice forest


A waterfall coming out of the ground


Lots of snow


A very nice lake.


Volcan Lanin


Villarica volcanoe in the distance


The brown fields to the right are old lava flows


We camped at the small group of trees,
between the lake and the lava fields


Day 2


Walking in the field of petrified lava


Clouds, mist and rain coming...


Back in the lush forest


Near the Argentinean border,
not far from where we finished the trek.


Hith-hiking back to Pucon on the back of a pick-up.