Skåne (Höganäs)
15-16 augusti, 2009

Hiking with Sara on this small but spectacular coastal mountain. We spent the night in a cave with bats, next to the ocean.

Day 1: Mölle - Djupadal - The Cave


Mölle village


Djupadal - rocky coast






Entrance to the cave


Inside the cave


There was a bat sitting in the ceiling,
and several bats flying in and out of the cave,
just above our heads :)


The view from inside the cave


Preparing the beds.
Water was dripping a little bit from above,
so we put rain covers on our sleeping bags.


We made a small fire (på en engångsgrill) and made a nice barbeque.


Sleeping in the cave was excellent - very comfortable!


Day 2: The cave - Gregers backe (a hill) - Björkeröd village


This morning the weather was excellent!




Climbing up from the coast is quite steep.


Click the image to view large PANORAMA

On top of Gregers backe - one of the highest peaks.




The lake in Björkeröd village